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The phenomenon of smoking ظاهرة التدخين


The phenomenon of smoking  ظاهرة التدخين 

The phenomenon of smoking is one of the negative phenomena that has spread in our societies, the spread of wildfire, the phenomenon of smoking, and the category of children, adolescents and adolescents has not been spared from falling into this great scourge. In fact, children and adolescents are the weakest segment of society because of the youngness of their teeth and the weakness of their physical and psychological structures.

Reasons for the prevalence of smoking among children and adolescents

  There is no doubt that the prevalence of smoking among children and adolescents has many causes, including:

  • Imitation of adults and bad role models. One of the most common reasons that lead to the spread of smoking among adolescents and children is their quest to imitate their smoking parents or relatives.
  • Bad companionship, as a bad companion for children and young people is one of the reasons for their deviation from proper behavior by encouraging them to commit reprehensible habits, including the bad smoking habit.
  • Lack of control over tobacco sellers, as some count ries do not have strict legislation that imposes control over the behavior of children and young people in society, and this undoubtedly leads to easy access for children
  • Family problems that lead to divorce and the destruction of the family, and the resulting deviation of children and young people, and their behavior in an abnormal way in life.
  • Lack of real awareness campaigns for children and young people about the dangers and harms of smoking.

Treatment of smoking among children and adolescents:

      As a result of knowing the reasons for the spread of this phenomenon, man realizes the ways to treat this phenomenon that is destructive to society with all its components. These methods include:
  • Putting in place legislation and enacting laws that require traders to adhere to certain morals, including not selling prohibited materials that are harmful to children
  • Parents’ supervision of their children. Parents have a great responsibility in supervising their children to ensure that they do not deviate from the right path.
  • Implementation of awareness and guidance campaigns. The ministries of health in the countries should undertake the task of educating children in schools about the dangers and harms of smoking, as smoking is a major cause of lung diseases and cancer, and it contains toxic carcinogens that destroy and kill the human body.
  • The state provides recreational facilities for children and adolescents. One of the most important solutions to the smoking phenomenon is to provide recreational facilities for young people through which they can unload their physical and psychological energies, have fun and play with their peers, and what distracts them from thinking about the bad smoking habit and protects them from the evils.
  • Monitoring the media that broadcast propaganda materials that promote smoking in the community.

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